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Gerry Harvey Has A Problem Flogging Products To The Chinese After Bans

Harvey Norman boss Gerry Harvey has a problem, in fact he has several problems but this one is all about beef and his failure to flog kilos of some of the most expensive beef in the world to the Chinese because of recent bans.

The answer could be free $150 a kilo beef with a Harvey Norman refrigerator purchase, the only question is who will pay Harvey Norman or the brand.

Apparently, farmer Gerry has a wagyu beef export business flogging prime cuts to the Chinese the only problem the business has been nobbled by the recent ban on beef exports by the Communist Chinese Government.

Appearing on Ray Hadley’s 2GB morning show yesterday it was revealed that he has resorted to flogging the beef at $50 a kilo through a Cherrybrook butcher, George’s Fine Meats, at a discount price.

“Hadley, I want some help with my wagyu beef,” the billionaire pleaded.

“Yeah, I can eat as much as you can get me,” Hadley retorted.

Hadley also wondered why Harvey didn’t give away a kilo of beef to any customers at the publicly listed Harvey Norman stores when they buy a fridge or freezer.

“You bloody genius!” Harvey said.

“But I really want to sell it to China because that’s where I get all the money,” the Harvey Norman Chairman said.

NSW Hills district butcher Wayne Shipley has been given the meat to sell it at a discounted $50/kg, promising buyers “a taste sensation”.

“The meat is — my God! — like $150 retail price a kilo and Australians don’t buy it.” Gerry told Hadley.

He added “You don’t get the real sensation because you didn’t cook it properly. Look up on Google and they’ll tell you how to cook wagyu marble score 9.”

On Hadley’s query it was revealed Shipley will be giving Harvey $50/kg from every sale.

“It’s an opportunity for people who have never tasted this quality to be able to go in and say … ‘I want the best you can get’.

“The problem is blokes like you (Hadley) will put it on the BBQ and eat it like a normal steak.

“Wayne will sell some of this beef and people who like his shop will go back because he’s a very good butcher,” Harvey explained the perceived mutual benefit of the arrangement.

Hadley, concerned that some fancy restaurateur would buy 200kg of meat that then wouldn’t help the butcher, suggested a 1.5kg per purchase limit.

Maybe Gerry could cut a deal with Chinese appliance maker Hisense, this would allow him to still sell the meat to the Chinese as he attempts to sell their Chinese made appliances that appear to be on the nose after the Chinese banned Gerry’s meat and stuck an 80% tariff on our Barley.

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