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Garmin Unveils Stealth Smartwatch With Kill Switch

Garmin has announced their new ‘tactical timepiece’ smartwatch, the MARQ Commander, offering built-in maps, stealthy design and an included kill switch.

The Commander latest style in the MARQ line up and is available now for USD 1,950 RRP from Garmin’s website.

Featuring stealth inspired all-black matte design the MARQ Commander includes a brand-new kill switch function called ‘stealth mode’.

When activated, the watch stops storing and sharing its GPS position, while simultaneously disabling wireless connectivity and communication.

The luxury modern tool watch comes with built-in topographical maps with advanced navigation features from barometric pressures readings, a compass and multiple Global Navigation Satellite Systems support.

The 46-mm watch face is crafted with a hardened purpose-built domed sapphire lens, the watch features an always-on display, optimised for night vision goggle compatibility.

Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales, described the Commander as ‘built for those who need a watch they can depend on with software for the mission at hand’.

The included dual-position mode allows users to display two sets of coordinate systems on the watch face.

Boasting up to 12 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, offering built-in music storage, Garmin Pay as well as smart notifications and activity tracking.

There is an included wrist-based heart rate monitor and Pulse Ox3 sensor for reference in real-time, though not available in all countries.

While not intended for military applications, ablogtowatch did get Garmin to mention that their products have been used by armed forces for navigation and training purposes.

Though according to its press release, the MARQ Commander represents Garmin’s latest solution to its expanding outdoor segment, focusing on enhancing outdoor experiences through innovative technology.


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