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Gamers Spending ‘Three Years’ Of Life Playing Online

A poll commissioned by UK internet service provider, Hyperoptic, revealed that gamers were spending the equivalent of three years in their adult life playing online games, and forking around £16,000 in their lifetime.

Contained indoors amid coronavirus restrictions, Hyperoptic found gamers in the UK were also dedicating an additional two and a half hours to online gameplay – up from eight average gaming hours to ten and a half.

‘Game parents’ were also found to have introduced a suite of nostalgia inducing games and consoles to children during lockdown including the original PlayStation and Super Nintendo.

Around 43% of respondents use gaming to stay connected, with three quarters affirming the use of headsets and other equipment has helped  relieve feelings of isolation. 

More than half have spent money on new games, gaming accessories or consoles during lockdown, with 31% rediscovering their love for gaming in the last few months.

The survey found internet lagging was the most frustrating aspect of their gameplay experience.

One-in-five gamers always choose to wear a gaming headset to facilitate seamless conversation.

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