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Better Than HD? BBC To Show Olympics In ‘Super HDTV’

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The breakthrough super picture quality, which won’t hit mainstream sets for another 10 years at least, will fool viewers into thinking they are actually at the stadium, says BBC Olympics boss. 
“When you sit and watch it you really get the experience of being in seat D5 in the stadium,” said BBC director of London 2012, Roger Mosey at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival. 
“Super Hi Vision might be a better long-term prospect than 3D in some ways as it gives you the feel of being in the stadium. People are knocked out by it.” 
50 foot screens transmitting in Super Hi Vision will be erected in three separate location in the UK in partnership with Japanese broadcaster NHK, reports Guardian. 
The British broadcaster also plans to show the 100 meters final in 3D and other events was “certainly on the agenda”, as part of a “limited experiment,” Mosey added. 
Super HDTV uses a a single camera to capture a wide shot.