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Acoustic Vision Teams Up With US Sound Innovators

Acoustic Vision Teams Up With US Sound Innovators

Gordon Rosario, a Director of Acoustic Vision, says this is a partnership based on shared values and a common focus.
“While many companies focus on creating home theatres with a strong emphasis on interior decoration, Acoustic Vision and Quest AI take a different approach. We focus on sound quality and sound design and leave the interior design to other experts”.

“Our concept is unique in the industry; we engineer the acoustical framework around which the designer creates the interior”.  
“A fundamental part of Sound Quality Management revolves around finalising the Acoustical Framework (speaker and listener positions) while you still have the flexibility to make changes. Once the Acoustical Framework is finalised, the creation of the Acoustical Treatment Strategy can begin. The precise strategy of dealing with the myriad of sonic reflections in the room again requires a high level of engineering expertise,” Rosario said.

“We are delighted to be working with Quest AI to bring their specialist knowledge, sound quality engineering and acoustical treatment systems to Australia. Quest has also developed innovative products including QuestTrac to conceal acoustics, The Stage – acoustically transparent walls to allow optimised speaker and video screen positioning, as well as a range of fine acoustical treatments and fabric selections.”

Acoustic Vision also recently introduced into Australia, acoustic treatment products from RPG Diffusor Systems, recognised as world leaders in the field of architectural acoustics and sound control.

RPG products provide the benchmark for the professional recording and broadcast industries and have been installed in some of the world’s most prestigious performance spaces, arenas and public buildings.

“We are fanatical about sound quality and our partnerships with Quest AI and RPG will add enormously to the quality of acoustics in large scale commercial projects, professional audio studios as well as residential and commercial applications”, concluded Rosario.