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One Dock: Teach Your Home Theatre ‘Smartphone’

Ten years ago, the phones we now use would’ve been featured in futuristic science fiction films. The single device has become so powerful, it is evolving into the remote all our other devices depend on.

Professional AV brands are recognising the new role smartphones play in managing our movies, pictures and music, and are introducing receivers and home theatre systems that position them as the central input device. But this shift in dynamic is only a recent development, and if you’ve purchased an expensive setup just a couple of years back, odds are it won’t get the most out of your smartphone.

A new product is in the works that aims at bridging this divide. It’s called the One-dock and it’s a docking system that has a premium finish to go with its convivial personality. It channels a range of connector cables (think charger, audio out and video out) in an enclosure that can be updated to match your device, or the frenetic change in connections. One Dock’s designer, Jamie Wehbeh claims updating the dock will be as simple as “changing the cable.” He elaborates his motivations on his website:

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“Cell phone docks are typically made of plastic, suit one type of cell phone and have fixed levels of functionality.  My goal is to create a dock that is machined from solid aluminium (to ensure a high quality look and feel) but can be configured to suit your cell phone model and the level of functionality that is meaningful to you.”

Currently the One Dock is compatible with Apple’s range of iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 (although we suspect a multitude of MicroUSB devices will feel right at home with it.)
It will allow you to replay pictures, movies and music from your smartphone onto your home entertainment system, while only adding charm to the decorum of your living room.

Currently the One Dock is in development and being offered on Kickstarter with a $70 pledge price. If the funding target is met, Docks will be delivered within 6-8 weeks.

If you’d like to pledge or are after more information on the project, check it out here.