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Techwear: It’s All The Rage

That’s according to local analyst Telsyte, which predicts the “emerging” devices market, including smart watches like Jawbone Up, wrist bands and glasses, will exceed $1 billion by 2016 in OZ. 

One in four Aussies are open to the idea of wearable computers like the much-hyped Google Glass, despite concerns around privacy, a Telsyte survey showed. 
The analysts estimates that app accessories, smart watches and glasses will make up one-third of mobile accessories sold in 2017, likely to “substantially boost” the mobile accessories market due to their higher pricetag.

Apple is widely believed to be working on an iWatch, while Samsung already confirmed it will also join the smartwatch race this year. 

“Smart accessories have the potential to take over from regular accessories as they complement the features of the device – like taking measurements using sensors, notifying the user of incoming messages, and recording what a user is looking at,” says Telsyte research director Foad Fadaghi.
JB Hi Fi Marketing Manager Scott Browning agrees. 

He told Channel News that Google Glass, which is a wearable computer with a head-mounted display already has on sale in the US, could “potentially” be a big product here. 

The photography capabilities are “phenomenal” as are the Navigation tools, he added.

Jawbone’s Head of Channel and Partner Development EMEA, Jorgen Nordin recently said wearable tech will be the new craze among consumers, as the company launched the Up smartwatch here, costing RRP $149, hailed as “revolutionary”, monitoring exercise, sleep patterns, diet, and mood.  

“There’s a lot of demand and interest in the wearable category right now,” he told CN.