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Future ZTE Product To Be Decided By Public Vote

The public is set to decide what kind of product ZTE will develop next.

Project CSX from ZTE saw over 400 submissions for realistic ideas the company could develop and release in 2017. Three submissions were combined with two in-house products, with the final decision on which ZTE will build left up to popular vote.

The three product ideas submitted include:

  • A self-adhesive smartphone with eye tracking capabilities, able to stick to almost any surface
  • A wearable ‘powerglove’ that guides users through tasks like typing or playing piano, with potential uses in rehabilitation
  • An virtual reality diving mask, bringing open ocean underwater experiences to pools or solid ground

ZTE’s additional products include:

  • Intelligent smartphone covers that add functionalities, such as a gamepad or e-ink flip cover 
  • A stock Android flagship phone, to challenge existing products from Google, Samsung and Apple

Voting runs for one week from today at projectcsx.info. Currently the stock Android phone device is in the lead, with the self-adhesive eye tracking phone close behind. The final device chosen will be announced at the end of the month, and unveiled at CES in January.

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