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Freeview Plus Gets A Makeover

Freeview has upgraded and redesigned its Freeview Plus service to offer a simplified user experience and “fresh look and feel”.

Freeview Plus, a ‘hybrid digital television service’ which integrates catch-up content, live TV, guides, and browsing of the free to air TV networks, has also gained a number of new features.

The new ‘My TV’ feature displays image-based carousels that feature personalised recommendations, live TV, catch-up, and content sorted by genre. The Freeview Plus guide has also been upgraded to list catch-up content when navigating backwards, alongside a new ‘Mini Guide’ for quicker navigation.

“Australian broadcasters are truly leading the world in innovation and providing a complete TV experience,” said Freeview CEO Elizabeth Ross.

“With this upgrade and our recently launched Freeview FV mobile app, viewers not only have great convenience but also a fantastic choice of how, when and where they watch their favourite content – for free,” Ross said.

Freeview said that over 85% of all smart TVs offer Freeview Plus and that, of the roughly 2.2 million compatible TVs nationwide, 85% were connected to Freeview Plus.

Last month, the Freeview FV app also added support for Chromecast to enable live free to air TV streaming to TVs with a connected Chromecast or built-in Chromecast functionality.

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