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Free Maserati With New Sonus faber Reference Audio System

Premium sound systems are proving popular in top end luxury cars, now Sonus faber has a new $91K reference audio system that comes with a free Maserati.

The Italian sound brand has developed a premium 21 speaker system for the Maserati Grecale a crossover utility vehicle that sounds “spectacular” according to reviewers at Ecoustics who took the vehicle on a test drive.

“We worked with Maserati to choose a performance-oriented third-party OEM manufacturer to provide the speakers and electronics,” said Fiore Cappelletto, Sonus faber’s General Manager of Automotive Business.

“We collaborated closely with this partner, providing the design specifications for the speakers, crossovers and amplifiers and we tested these components throughout the manufacturing process to assure that they met our specifications. Our designers worked with the Maserati team to make sure that the speakers were placed in the optimum locations for sound quality and that visible components like the speaker grilles reflected both Maserati’s and Sonus faber’s standards for excellence and luxury.”

The grilles of the Sonus faber High Premium audio system is machined aluminium, designed to resemble the strings of a musical instrument.

The drivers were made of natural materials such as silk tweeters and paper midrange cones, similar to the ones in the company’s residential speakers.

After the final drivers, cabinets and electronics were assembled into a prototype vehicle, the company performed rigorous system measurements, testing and tuning of the components within the car’s cabin to attain the highest possible performance.

A new Sonus faber app embedded in the Maserati infotainment system allows you to play music from a connected device and make adjustments to the audio parameters such as balance, EQ, sound profile and surround mode.

The Maserati infotainment system allows owners to adjust sound parameters such as EQ, balance, fader and 2D or 3D surround modes. With 3D surround turned on, the system uses all 21 of the built-in speakers (and all of the system’s 1285 watts) to create an immersive soundstage throughout the vehicle, from top to bottom. Purists can defeat the surround processing for a more typical 2-channel stereo experience, though I found the sound with 3D surround engaged to be the most natural-sounding and immersive overall.

“We monitor the amplifier’s voltage at high levels so that it doesn’t clip,” said Mario Passarelli, Sonus faber R&D manager. “This prevents the speakers from breaking up or sounding harsh even as you crank the volume to its limits.”

I am assured that one thing you can still hear is the tell-tale growl of the Maserati engine that comes through when you punch the accelerator for that magical burst of speed that a Maserati is famous for.

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