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Apple Exec Slams Samsung For Stealing Technology

An Apple executive has taken aim at Samsung for stealing its technology for the Galaxy range of smartphones.

Apple’s marketing chief Greg Joswiak made the comments in a documentary produced by the Wall Street Journal, ‘The iPhone at 15: An Inside Look at How Apple Transformed a Generation’.

When asked about the impact of Samsung and other Android smartphone markets entering the market, Joswiak was blunt.

“They were annoying,” he said.

“And they were annoying because, as you know, they ripped off our technology.

“They took the innovations that we had created and created a poor copy of it, and just put a bigger screen around it. So, yeah, we were none too pleased.”

Apple sued Samsung in 2013 for patent infringement based on the Galaxy S4’s design, which it claimed was a copy of the iPhone 5.

Close to a decade later, it’s clearly still a sore spot.




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