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Fitbit Premium Free For 90 Days

To help people stay fit during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fitbit has announced it is making Fitbit Premium free for 90 days for anyone who is new to the service.

The app collates the data from your wearables devices and helps users track their progress towards their long-term goals, whether they are diet, sleep or fitness related. To help you get there, Fitbit Premium provides personalised insights, in-depth guided fitness programs customised for your body, thousands of video workouts to choose from, and detailed breakdowns of your sleep score.

Fitbit is continually adding to the features offered on its app.

For now, there is no set end date for this 90-day Fitbit Premium promotion, though the free trial period is likely to be shortened again at some point in the future.

Once the trial period is over, Fitbit Premium membership costs $14.99 per month or $129.99 per year.

The new Fitbit Premium offer comes as Fitbit notes an uptick in activity among its users. In April, Fitbit noted that there were more users exercising one or two times a week than a year earlier, and more users exercising more than five times a week.

As could be expected with gyms across the world shut during the COVID-19 lockdowns, walks that last over 15 minutes were up, and there were also substantial increases in biking, yoga, and aerobic workouts.

Sport (which typically involves a group of people) was one activity that was down, falling 18%.

In May, Fitbit reported that most Fitbit users where actually sleeping longer and getting better quality sleep during COVID-19 lockdown – perhaps due to all that extra exercise. The Millennials age group was getting the biggest boost in sleep, 28 more minutes per night than in April 2019.

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