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FIRST LOOK: New $999 Motorola Edge Has A Lot Going For It Especially When it Comes To Audio

Motorola is making a new tilt at gaining a lost crown with the launch of the 5G Motorola Edge into the premium smartphone market.

A first look at the $999 device and one comes away with the feeling that it’s okay especially when it comes to design.

A couple of days after getting the device I made a fatal mistake which speaks volumes as to the look of the Motorola Edge. I had my Samsung S20+ sitting on my desk next to the new Motorola device, when I got home, I suddenly realised I had walked out of the door with the Motorola device and not my $1,999 Samsung smartphone.

In the hand the device feels like a premium smartphone, it’s slim and looks slim due to the wrap around 90° Edge screen

Height wise it’s 6.7″ and the OLED display is bright and crisp.

A punch hole notch on the front has a 25MP selfie camera, while on the rear the 64MP main camera sensor is coupled with an ultra-wide angle & Macro Vision lens.
There is also a 16MP sensor, an 8MP sensor with 2x high-res optical zoom and a Time of flight sensor.

I am already on day two without having to recharge the batteries due to the use of a large 4500mAH battery and 18W charging. Missing is wireless charging and this is a big mistake by Motorola.

Powering the device is a Snapdragon 765 chipset, and on the left hand back of the device is 64-megapixel main camera that took good pictures.

Motorola chose to go with a 3.5mm headphone jack because under the bonnet is unique audio software and a pair of stereo speakers which have been described as “the best” in a premium smartphone.

Audio output is exceptionally loud though I still prefer attaching a good pair of headphones which is why Motorola has to be commended for retaining a headphone jack.

Enhancing the sound experience is software from US Company Waves Audio who are better known for their Pro audio work with US Studio’s.
The expert audio tuning by Waves Audio, is designed so that the sound could match its loudness.

Waves has done an excellent job however the best experience is still via a pair of headphones or a premium Bluetooth speaker.

We are going to do a full review of this device but at this stage this device is shaping up as a better option to the likes of Chinese brands Oppo, Realme, Vivo or the likes of Nokia.

It’s clear that Motorola has made a real effort with this device.

The Snapdragon 765G delivers solid results and appears to work well with the battery in the management of power usage.

The Edge is Motorola’s first 5G-enabled smartphone in Australia, and it includes 6GB of RAM, 128 GB of onboard storage which can be expanded with microSD cards up to 1TB.


At this stage I am impressed by the device and during our full review we will look at picture shooting and the management of apps on the device. I would have liked Wireless Charging as I am now set up with a stand next to my PC which allows me to wireless charge, video call and by using a Logitech keyboard type messages to my device without moving it from a wireless charging stand.

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