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Sony Announce ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ BRAVIA TVs

Sony has announced that a line-up of its current BRAVIA TVs are officially ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ – a tagline created in partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment to make it easier for consumers to choose the best TV for the PS5 console ahead of its launch.

This new line-up will allow users to automatically play games on the PS5 console with low latency.

The first TVs in this range include the X90H 4K HDR Full Array LED and Z8H 8K HDR Full Array LED models.

The X90H displays gameplay images of up to 4K resolution at 120 fps, with a very low input lag of 7.2ms. While the Z8H TV is capable of displaying images in 8K resolution, it also showcases 4K resolution for gameplay at super smooth 120 fps.

In terms of sound, they feature Dolby Audio, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Digital Surround for an immersive audio experience.

Both of these models will be available in Australia from September.

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