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First Look At New Design For Apple AirPods 3

The apparent designs of Apple AirPods 3 prototypes have leaked, indicating the earbuds will be very similar to the more expensive AirPods Pro.

Leaked by Japanese blog 52Audio, the image just shows the top part of the earphone and a bit of the charging case.

The earbuds appear to be a similar length to the AirPods Pro, with the design of the in-ear piece also more akin to the Pro model than the AirPods 2.

Despite looking like the AirPods Pro, the AirPods 3 likely won’t have premium features such as active noise cancellation.

Credit: 52Audio

According to 52Audio, Apple is also working with a Taiwanese company to develop the AirPod Pro Lite, which is set to be the next generation of the AirPod Pros.

There is no word on when or if Apple will be launching the Apple AirPods 3.

Apple is holding another launch event next week, with the expectation it will focus on the introduction of new MacBooks with Apple’s in-house silicon chip.

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