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First It Was Intel, Then Garmin, Now Canon Has Been Hacked

Giant Japanese Company Canon has been hacked and some are speculating that it could be bigger than the Intel hack attack.

Last week Garmin refused to deny that they paid hackers tens of millions to back, access to their network after hackers locked it down.

Analysts have already said that at least 10TB of confidential Canon files have been obtained by the hackers, what’s not known is whether any of the data related to Australian customers.

A lot of details are unclear about the incident at Canon has been however it is known that Maze ransomware was used to target the camera and copier Company.

Ransomware operators Maze told BleepingComputer that they were able to get hold of 10 TB of data and private databases as part of the attack on Canon, no other details were provided, particularly any proof of stolen data, how much the ransom is, and the number of encrypted devices.

Canon’s email, Microsoft Teams, their website, and other internal applications have been affected by the hack attack.

In an internal alert sent to employees, Canon has disclosed the ransomware attack and working to address the issue.

Maze operates ransomware attacks that compromise a system then spread until it gets access to the Windows domain controller and administrator account.

The cyber attackers will then download unencrypted files from servers and backups and save them to their own servers.

The image. Canon site suffered an outage on July 30th, 2020.

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