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New Gen 5G Notebooks & PC’s Coming Soon

Acer, Dell Lenovo, and Hewlett Packard are set to go head to head early in 2021 with a new range of 5G notebooks powered by Intel/MediaTek 5G modems.

Acer who has had a lot of success selling consumer notebooks spanning both gaming and business via Officeworks and Harvey Norman will also introduce a new range of lightweight notebooks in the last quarter 2020 with several brands set to introduce new notebooks powered by Qualcomm processors.

Last week MediaTek announced it was working in collaboration with Intel to bring 5G experiences to next-generation PCs with the successful development and certification of new 5G modem data cards.

MediaTek indicated its T700 5G modem will work on the new generation of Intel powered notebooks.

Under pressure Intel said that they have made a lot of progress on system integration, validation and developing platform optimisation for brands integrating their new 5G offering into PC’s.

The first laptops enabled by the MediaTek and Intel 5G modem solution are expected in early 2021, MediaTek said.

“Our partnership with Intel is a natural extension of our growing 5G mobile business and is an incredible market opportunity for MediaTek to move into the PC market,” said MediaTek president Joe Chen in a statement.

Chris Walker, Intel corporate VP and GM of mobile client platforms, said “we’re excited to see the rapid progress we are making with MediaTek on our 5G modem solution with customer sampling starting later this quarter.”

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