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Firms Impacted By Staff Constantly Accessing Social Media Claims US Exec

Are you fed up of young staff constantly being on their smartphones in working hours and should staff be banned from using social media?

According to a US executive, firms around the world are being impacted by employees who are spending less than half their time at work productively working for their Company.

He is also concerned that employees are spending time posting social media updates and answering emails and then putting in for overtime because their work has not been completed on time.
“We have a serious productivity problem with office workers and estimated that less than 50pc of their time is spent on value-creating business activities,” one respondent said in a survey published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Their actious coupled with a lack of laws that prevent the use of personal social media in work time is making Countries like the US and Australia less productive they claim.

One firm said: “The younger workers are often off task, engaged on social media, on the internet, texting on phones and other unproductive activities.”

The impact of social media has resulted in more salaried staff are now eligible for overtime in some Government Departments and large businesses.

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