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Finally, Intel Faces Real Threat In PC Chip Market

Intel’s obsession with trying to break into the lucrative smartphone, which they have achieved via a modem deal with Apple could have a sting in the tail.

Qualcomm the Company that is in a fight with Apple and whose business Apple snared as a result of the fallout is now looking to build chips for PC’s a market currently dominated by Intel. These processors will go days without needing to be recharged.

Yesterday in Huawei where Qualcomm is showing off their new 5G technology the Company revealed a powerful new chip that the company hopes will dent Intel’s stranglehold on the market for personal computer processors.

The Snapdragon 8cx series is Qualcomm’s first chip specifically designed for computers.

It’s more powerful than previous smartphone-focused processors the company offered for the laptop market, Sanjay Mehta, a senior vice president at Qualcomm, said at the event.

Samsung Electronics and Lenovo Group both have laptops that use a Qualcomm smartphone chip.

The new, more capable processor should give PC makers better alternatives to Intel products, analysts claim.

Qualcomm’s pitch is that laptops using its chips will go days without needing to be plugged in, and will always be connected to the internet via cellular networks.

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