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Finally GoPro Drone Takes Off, New Voice Activated Camera

Finally, GoPro has announced its much anticipated Karma drone along with a new voice activated GoPro camera but the big question now is whether GoPro has left their run a tad too late.

The camera maker who pioneered the action camera market claims that the new GoPro Karma’s use of a front-facing camera means its rotor blades will seldom appear in shot.

The move helps the firm address the fact that DJI – the bestselling drone brand – has ditched support for GoPro’s cameras in favour of its own, while 3D Robotics – another popular manufacturer – is now promoting the use of a rival camera made by Sony.karma_7.0

The Karma which is set to sell in Australia for $1,195 is not the first commercial foldable drone, but the feature is still relatively unusual.

GoPro says the move allows its aircraft to be carried about in a relatively small backpack that is “so comfortable… users will forget they’ve got it on”.

The Karma’s other distinctive detail is its removable three-axis stabiliser.

It can be fitted to a bundled grip and then held in the hand or attached to a helmet to film Steadicam-like shots.

The drone’s stabiliser can also be attached to a handheld gripkarma_5.0

The drone will be released on 23 October.

When bundled with the new Hero5 Black camera, it will cost $1099.

The research firm IHS Markit predicts sales of consumer drones will rise from three million units this year to 6.7 million units in 2020.

New GoPro Camera

The $569 GoPro Hero5 Black camera will accept voice commands in seven languages at launch.

The announcement of the Hero5 Black camera comes two years after that of the Hero4 Black – the longest GoPro has taken to refresh its top-end model to date.

The new device features a 2in (5cm) touchscreen and can also be controlled by speaking to it, which might be useful in situations where the owner is wearing gloves or does not have a free hand.

“It opens up a whole new world of possibilities,” said the firm’s chief executive Nick Woodman at the launch.

“You just think it, say it, do it.”karma_13.0

The firm suggested that the facility would also help users avoid missing critical moments.

As an example, it said an owner could say “take a photo” to snap a picture while they continued to simultaneously film video with the device.

Its 4K video and 12-megapixel photo capabilities are the same as the last generation.

But the new camera gains:
Waterproof protection without a case, up to depths of 10m
Stereo sound recording via three microphones
Automatic electronic stabilisation of its footage
GPS location data
In addition, the camera can be set to automatically upload video and pictures to the firm’s new video sharing service, GoPro Plus, if its owner takes out a $4.99-a-month subscription.

The add-on also includes access to a library of music the owner can use for their edits as well as a discount on further accessory purchases.

The new camera – and a smaller HERO5 Session, which takes 4K video but only 10 megapixel photos – will be released on 2 October.