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Fetch TV Use Mighty & Mini To Take On Problem Plagued Foxtel

Fetch TV, has taught Foxtel a lesson with the launch of two new content boxes that are fast, responsive and unlike the new Foxtel iQ3 is not prone to crashing.

The new Mini and Mighty systems from Fetch TV will be on sale at JB hi Fi from July 1st, they come bundled with Netflix, Stan and two new content channels from Presto and Spike, who are best known for delivering TV shows such as Lip Sync Battle, hosted by LL Cool J, mixed martial arts show Bellator MMA, and UK police documentary, Police Interceptors.

In Australia, Spike caters to a demographic of 18-39 year olds with a catalogue of content direct from the US and the UK.

Also coming to Fetch TV is YouTube TV.

Recently Foxtel was forced to withdraw their recently released iQ3 from the market with more than 130,000 of the problematic boxes now sitting in a Homebush warehouse.

Fetch TV, whose service can be accessed via Optus, iiNet and Dodo said that Australia has a serious appetite for content “and they will pay for it” said CEO Scott Lorson.

The Company that is profitable and growing, said that the future for content Companies such as Fetch TV is in partnership with “telco’s” this is despite speculation that News Corporation the 50% owner of Foxtel is looking to buy out Telstra who are currently struggling to hold onto broadband and smartphone share due to constant network problems.

“There’s an undeniable trend internationally that market share success in telecommunications is very much linked to the strength of the entertainment proposition and bundling is the new black.”

Fetch TV who is backed by Malaysia-Astro,said that  they have recently renewed its second key telecommunications partnership agreement with M2’s Dodo, for the year after signing on Optus for a further five years earlier this year.

“We’re excited that our foundation partners are electing to renew, it demonstrates a strong mutual commitment to the service,” Mr Lorson said.

“It’s a very exciting time for both Fetch TV and our telco partners as entertainment propositions drive bundling outcomes.

“We pride ourselves on delivering a best-in-class entertainment experience and the two new boxes we’re introducing today will further extend our market advantage,” Mr Lorson said.

Taling about their new Gen3 boxes Lorson said “Every few years there are meaningful improvements in technology, chipsets in particular.  Customers will not only notice significant improvements in speed, but we’re able to deliver higher resolution video including 4K.”

Lorson said that Fetch TV has grown subscribers from 150,000 to 300,000 last year and that they will double subscribers to 600,000 this year due to an expansion of services, a move into JB Hi Fi, and a move by carriers such as Optus to grow their content offering.

Lorson said that he does not see his service as an App on a TV “We want to own the HDMI 1 port; we don’t want to be a widget on a TV” he told an audience of industry executives last night in Sydney.
He also said “The future is Lite and HDMI 1, there is no prize for second, we are not an Apple or Telstra TV”.Untitled-1

He said that to date Fetch TV has invested over $100M into the Australia market and during the next 12 months the Company is confident that they will achieve “exceptional growth”.

Lorson said that there are 9.1 million households in Australia and that his prime target audience were the 5M who are candidates for Freeview Pay Lite and the 1.5M Foreign Language households who want to get access to the latest foreign language news and entertainment currently available on the Fetch TV platform.

The new Mighty has a 1TB drive, 4 free to air tuners, allowing consumers to record up to six shows while watching one show.
In comparison the iQ2 only has two tuners and no FTA Catch Up TV capability.

The Mighty is also Wi Fi enabled and has 3GB of RAM.

The Fetch TV Mini has no hard drive and 1 free to air tuner, it also has 1GB of RAM.

Fetch TV who is seriously challenging Foxtel is set to also benefit from a move by Optus to take on Foxtel and Telstra in the content market.Fetch TV 2

Optus who recently took the rights to UK Premier League soccer from Foxtel is currently negotiating new sporting content deals that will be delivered via the two new Fetch TV boxes.

From today, Presto will also commence streaming on the Gen 3 Mighty PVR, it is also being introduced on Gen 2 PVRs in early July along with new Fetch TV Mini when it launches next month.

From the integrated Presto app, customers can access TV shows and movies on their TV, including recent arrivals Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo, Empire, The Mindy Project and Scandal; as well as the newest seasons of the critically acclaimed Aquarius starring David Duchovny and Golden Globe award-winning drama series Mr Robot, express from the U.S.

“The addition of Fetch TV continues Presto’s drive to bring Presto’s premium SVOD entertainment offering to living rooms around the country, providing customers yet another way to enjoy over 8500+ hours of the world’s most bingeworthy TV shows and movies,” said Shaun James, Presto TV CEO. “Through this partnership with Fetch TV, we are making it easy for all Australians to access Presto’s extensive entertainment library on the biggest screen in the house, with a simple click of their Fetch TV remote control.”

With Fetch TV owners of one of their boxes get access to free-to-air TV, a 1TB Personal Video Recorder, a video store in the home with over 5,000 movies to rent or buy, and access to up to 38 subscription channels from major providers.

The service is delivered over a broadband connection to the TV via a Fetch TV box.

Fetch TV subscribers can record up to 585 hours of TV, buy seasons and episodes of the latest shows, access catch-up TV services, and use web based apps like YouTube for TV. Additional access to Fetch TV content is provided through free apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.


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