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Fetch TV Launch New Crime ‘Virtual Channel’ Oxygen

Fetch TV has expanded its relationship with NBCUniversal International Networks, by launching new true crime ‘virtual channel’ Oxygen – its debut outside the United States.

The virtual channel will land on Fetch TV from January 1st, and claims to be the fastest growing cable entertainment channel in America for two straight years.

Oxygen will offer a variety of true crime and scripted crime programmes including; Snapped, Notorious: Aileen Wuronos, Killing Versace: The Hunt for a Serial Killer, Dannemora Prison Break, Kemper on Kemper: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer, Killer Couples and The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers.

The channel will also broadcast a selection of scripted procedural crime shows from the NBCUniversal catalogue.

Aired in HD and ad-free, Oxygen is available with Fetch’s Variety Pack [8 channels for $6 per month], Ultimate Pack [48 channels for $20 per month] and grandfathered Fetch Entertainment Pack.

Considered a ‘virtual channel’, Oxygen seeks to bridge the gap between linear and on-demand video streaming.

Subscribers can access Oxygen content via a branded on-demand area, plus scheduled EPG listing.

Scheduled EPG listings will link to streaming video on demand (SVOD) assets.

Viewers can move forwards in EPG, providing those who prefer a linear TV Guide experience to engage in on-demand content.

Fetch TV Chief Executive, Scott Lorson, asserts there’s significant potential to expand virtual channel offerings beyond Oxygen:

“In the US, Oxygen has quickly established itself as the home of true crime, and the international success of its content speaks volumes about the engrossing nature of the channel”

“The innovative virtual channel concept has been developed by Fetch to provide our subscribers with a richer content discovery experience that adapts to the ever-changing behaviours of Australia audiences and bridges the linear and on-demand worlds”

We see great potential to expand the virtual channel offering beyond Oxygen to include other premium branded content for our viewers to enjoy on-demand and ad-free.”

Chris Taylor, NBCUniversal International Networks and Television Disttribution (ANZ) Managing Director, expects Oxygen to mirror its international success in Australia:

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with Fetch to bring Oxygen to Australian viewers in a revolutionary channel format that allows for a more flexible user experience to enjoy our content on-demand.”

“The channel has seen phenomenal ratings growth in the US and, given the continued rise in popularity of true crime programming in Australia, is set to be a hit with local audiences, too.”

Further information is available on Fetch TV’s website here.

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