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Fetch TV And BBC Expand Oz Partnership

Fetch TV has today announced the expansion of their partnership with BBC Studios Australia and New Zealand by offering two new channels to the streaming platform.

Coming 10 October, Fetch TV will be a launch partner for the new BBC Earth, as well as the exclusive Australian launch partner for a BBC Brit Virtual Channel on 1 November.

The deal also includes the renewal of BBC First, BBC UKTV, CBeebies, and BBC World News plus expanded video-on-demand rights with over 300 hours of Top Gear.

To get all the new BBC channels from Fetch TV, subscribe to the 48 channel Fetch Ultimate pack for $20 per month.

Alternatively, the new channels can be added from one of the $6 per month Skinny Pack selections.

CEO of Fetch TV, Scott Lorson expressed excitement over the extended partnership, with Jon Penn, Managing Director of BBC Studios ANZ identifying Fetch as a critical part of the growth for BBC in Australia.

BBC Earth, replacing BBC Knowledge, will connect viewers with the world, ‘through documentaries’ from the likes of Louis Theroux and Professor Brian Cox.

Fetch is adding BBC Brit, replacing BBC Living, as a Virtual Playlist Channel (VPC) which allows subscribers to watch scheduled listings right from the start, as well as on-demand.

This brings the total number of VPC’s on Fetch TV to eight, with four of them being free-to-air.

With the inclusion of Optus Sport – Premier League, Champions League, Europa League and Euro 2020 – Fetch TV is a hotspot for British entertainment and sport.

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