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Federal & State Politicians Face Google Ban

Federal and State Politicians in Australia are suddenly going to have to work harder to get their message out with Google set to pull the plug on political advertising.

“This does not mean that they won’t spin left wing or environmentalist editorial to get higher exposure” said one political source.

Political parties in Australia will not be able to data match their own database of people or known voters against Google’s user base, to target individuals across platforms such as YouTube and Google search.

According to the BBC the policy will kick in in the UK “within a week” with Australia set to follow.

Data specialists will however be able to build target audience profiles obtained from Google Analytics.

This is in direct contrast to Facebook who have already been labelled a left-wing media Company. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his social network would not fact-check advertising from political candidates or campaigns

Meanwhile Twitter, it is set to disallow political advertising altogether.

Google’s new policy puts it somewhere roughly in the middle, suggesting a hands-off approach, with only the most obvious misinformation being acted upon.

“We recognize that robust political dialogue is an important part of democracy, and no one can sensibly adjudicate every political claim, counterclaim, and insinuation,” said Scott Spencer, Google’s head of product management for Google Ads, in a blog post published on Wednesday.

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