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Facebook To Copy Discord’s Main Feature

Facebook is targeting gamers in their next maneuver to procure more active users with a communications feature identical to Discord.

Meta has announced that is introducing a number of new features for Groups which will encourage community interaction, with one mimicking voice, video and text communications platform Discord.

Admins of Facebook groups will soon be able to make Discord-style community audio channels that “members can casually jump in and out of audio conversations in real time.”

Whilst the new Facebook feature has not been openly stated as a gaming feature, Meta are obviously aware of the Discord market and how the feature is usually used, based on promo photos and screenshots they have used in the announcement.

Other features include a sidebar to manage your groups more easily, community chat channels (also much like Discord’s) and community feed channels, where people can better connect with those also in their group outside of a direct conversation.

The new features are currently being tested but are likely to roll out to everyone in the next few months.


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