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Facebook Take On Amazon & Google With Video Chat Device + Smart Speaker

Recent reports have confirmed that Facebook, is in fact, joining the consumer hardware market, by developing a video chat device named ‘Aloha’ and a standalone smart speaker.

The Aloha device is rumoured to feature a large touchscreen – 13″ to 15″ and bigger than rival Amazon Echo Show – microphone, speakers, wide-angle camera and facial recognition technology.

For the past few months, Aloha has reportedly been tested in several Facebook employee homes.

Word is, Aloha is scheduled to launch by May 2018 and retail for $499.

Facebook’s smart speaker, a rival for Google Home and Amazon Echo, will reportedly sell for $100. Features include a 360-degree camera.

Analysts state that Facebook’s primary challenge in marketing the products will surround privacy concerns.

To remedy this, sources state the company may consider other ways to market ‘Aloha’, including using another brand name, plus potentially positioning the device as means for individuals as the elderly to effortlessly contact their family.

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