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Facebook On Russian Interference: “We Are Printing Money … We Are Fine”

A second Facebook whistleblower has joined the chorus of dissent regarding the company’s penchant for putting profits above all.

Speaking to the Washington Post, the anonymous whistleblower was previously part of Facebook’s integrity team, and alleges a former Facebook communications official dismissed concerns about Russia’s inference in the 2016 election.

According to the whistleblower, Tucker Bounds, currently a Vice President of Communications, said the controversy would be “a flash in the pan. Some legislators will get pissy. And then in a few weeks they will move on to something else. Meanwhile we are printing money in the basement and we are fine.”

Facebook said of the latest claims: “It sets a dangerous precedent to hang an entire story on a single source making a wide range of claims without any apparent corroboration.

“At the heart of this story is a premise that is false. Yes, we’re a business and we make profit, but the idea that we do so at the expense of people’s safety or wellbeing misunderstands where our own commercial interests lie.”

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