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Facebook Contractors Threaten Stoppage Over Missing Pay

A payroll mishap has left many workers at Facebook without their holiday pay – and they are threatening a work stoppage if the issue isn’t immediately resolved.

An Accenture site in Austin, which deals in Facebook moderation, customer service, and various other jobs, is at the centre of this dispute.

Workers issued an open letter to the CEOs of Facebook and Accenture, stating: “If these issues are not resolved immediately a work stoppage will be enacted.”

“We recently switched payroll providers and experienced some unanticipated challenges during our first payroll run with the new provider,” Accenture representative Stacey Jones told The Verge.

“Our number one priority since last week has been getting our people who have experienced issues paid – and, we continue encouraging our people who need assistance to reach out to their supervisor or HR, so we can help them resolve.”

“Accenture has notified its employees of this issue,” said Meta representative Kadia Koroma, “and is working to resolve it as soon as possible.”

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