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New Control 4 OS Home Automation Kit

New Control 4 OS Home Automation Kit

The first thing you notice about the new OS is the introduction of a new UI which allows the screen to be personalised. Users can easily edit and toggle between lighting scenes and the control of an individual light, the company said.

A preference default function lets a screen default to a consumer’s preferences.

Installers will be able to program more sophisticated lighting effects from Control4’s Composer system design software. A new programming tool simplifies programming with single-button on/off toggles for scenes, offers advanced scene ramping and fading, and supports complex scene sequencing, which creates delays between the ramp-up times of different lighting zones.

To simplify installation and programming, the OS adds Control4 Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP), which automatically identifies and loads the correct driver for connected Control4-compatible devices and expands the roster of compatible third-party devices.