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Denon’s New Receiver Range Is All ‘Content Content Content’

Headlining the range is Denon’s AVR-2113 (7.1 channels), followed by the AVR-1713 (5.1 channels) and the AVR-1513 (5.1 channels).

Before Denon started work on the new range, they asked themselves “What do today’s consumers want?” The answer: “content, content, content.”

Recognising a receiver is meant to make consuming content easy, they placed a USB and HDMI port on the front panel to streamline the sharing of content between smartphones, tablets, cameras and other compatible devices. They’ve also imbued them with webcentric sensibilities as they intuitively manage content from popular internet sources.

The receivers communicate with Apple devices fluently, employing an iOS compatible dock (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) and Apple’s wireless AirPlay technology.

Before you think Denon has thrown quality on the backburner, rest assured, the company has put to work superior hardware and software to ensure audio is clear, bodied and vibrant.

All receivers feature an efficient and straightforward short signal path circuit design that minimises signal degradation due to interference, ultimately ensuring optimal audio and video playback.

Denon’s 2113 and 1713 feature Audyssey MultEQ XT audio technologies which offers real time volume adjustment, and Audyssey’s Dynamic EQ to improve a system’s surround sound at low volumes.

These new receivers also feature Denon’s onscreen setup assistant, which aids in speaker set up, calibration, source setup and network configuration.

The AVR-2113 (RRP$999), AVR-1713 ($699) and the AVR-1513 ($499) are available now.

A more detailed breakdown of each receiver’s feature set follows as per Denon’s press release.

7.1-Channel AVR-2113
95 watts x 7- 8? – 20Hz – 20kHz @ 0.08% THD, 6 HDMI Inputs, Analogue to HDMI Conversion,4K Video Pass Through and 4K Video Scaling, Full Network package including Internet radio, Spotify, AirPlay, DLNA and APP control form both iOS and Android devices plus Multi Zone

5.1-Channel AVR-1713
80 watts x 5 – 8? – 20Hz – 20kHz @ 0.08% THD, 5 HDMI Inputs, Audyssey MultEQ XT, Full Network package including AirPlay, DLNA, Internet Radio and APP control from both iOS and Android

5.1-Channel AVR-1513
75 watts x 5 – 8? – 20Hz – 20kHz @ 0.08% THD, 4 HDMI Inputs (1 Front), 3D Passthrough, GUI with Overlay, Discrete Amplification,