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Footy Clubs Sue For $11M Over Dodgy Plasma Deal

 Rugby League and RSL Clubs across Australia who claim that they were duped into installing domestic plasma screens on the basis that the cost of the screens could be recovered from advertising have mounted a multimillion dollar legal action against the promoters Total Concept Projects.
The clubs who are trying to reclaim $11 M dollars have commissioned Slater And Gordon Solicitors to also take action against Rentworks who also trade as Alleasing Australia Finance Australia Pty Ltd.
Total Concept Projects (TCP) who did several government projects including work for the RTA in NSW was placed into receivership in April 2010.
The action taken by Slater and Gordon is based on claims that the clubs were persuaded to sign up and lease hundreds of plasma TV screens via a lease back agreement based on the clubs getting a share of advertising revenue which was being sold by TCP.
A former home installation Company and AMX reseller, TCP has also been accused of failing to honour a shortfall agreement whereby any shortfall in advertising revenue would be met by TCP.
The clubs also claims that up to 50% of the display panels which are often on 24/7 52 weeks of the year have failed due to TCP installing plasma display screens designed for the domestic market as opposed to commercial display screens.
According to the News Ltd publications, Hans Sarlemyn CEO of North Sydney Leagues and Seagulls Club is trying to recover $780,000 plus interest and costs after signing up with the finance Company introduced by TCP.
“The screens were faulty and when it started to go wrong TCP refused to pay the shortfall on ad revenues”. He said.
The clubs who were locked into 5 year contracts with the finance Companies are also being penalised due to clauses in the finance contract that allowed hefty penalties to charged if the equipment was not returned in “good working” order.
Lawyers acting for the clubs have discovered that the serial number on the plasma display screens were different than the one’s on the contracts signed by the clubs.