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Apple PC King But ‘Droid Rising’

Zero. That’s who much the PC market grew in Q2 with desktop, notebook demand slumping. 

Compare this to the massive 43% increase in tablets, which is blamed for PC slump along with popularity of smartphones. 

Desktop and notebook shipments demand shrinked 7% and 14%, respectively, in Q2 last, new figures from Canalys show. 
And in a blow to former leader HP, Apple is now PC king with 17% share, followed by Lenovo, who is gaining share in notebook and desktop, and tabletson 13%
But there’s another newcomer invading. 
Google Android’s share of the PC market trebled 17% in second quarter, with giants HP, Lenovo and Samsung all flogging Android OS tabs. 
Google is targeting the consumer market and has its sights set on beating Apple, but Android weaknesss in security preventing commercial uptake, Canalys warns. 
HP, Samsung and Dell all made it into the top 5 PC vendors, although Samsung grew the most – 106%. 
Meanwhile Dell, HP fell despite HP releasing the Slate 7. Even Apple’s share of the PC pie fell compared to Q2 2012 – due to decrease in iPad orders. 
Canalys notes Windows PCs are struggling to take off due to high price Windows tablets compared to Androids. 
Its an issue ‘Microsoft must address as a matter of urgency. Its PC OEM partners are in an increasingly difficult position and consolidation in the PC market is inevitable within the next 12 months,’ said Tim Coulling, Canalys Senior Analyst.  
Canalys believes that tablets will outsell notebooks by Q4, despite growth slowing of late, blamed on lack of new iPad. 

Demand for PC’s fell in all regions including Asia Pacific, which declined 0.5% to 40 million units, while the all-important China market fell  6%.  
Faced by an industry in transition, channel partners are exercising caution when planning and placing orders.