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EXCLUSIVE: Indi Imports Snares Big UK Speaker Brand

Melbourne based Indi Group, the distributor of Loewe TVs and Canton Hi-Fi products, is set to take over the Spendor range of speakers in Australia, a brand some see as set to take on Bowers & Wilkins.

A success in the European audio market, the company’s speakers are owned by leading musicians including the likes of former Beatles Paul McCartny and in the past John Lennon.

Developed by UK, Sussex-based Spendor Audio Systems, this company has been designing and building world-class loudspeakers since the 1960s, today the company is expanding globally.

Mike Picanza, the company’s Sales and Marketing Director and a former Bowers & Wilkins executive, believes that in partnership with Indi Imports Spendor can grow the brands presence in Australia up against several leading brands.

Founded by former BBC sound engineer Spencer Hughes and his wife Dorothy, Spendor Audio System is now run by veteran audio designer Phillip Swift.

Under Swift’s direction, Spendor has pushed product development and consolidated their speakers into the mainstream A-Line, higher-end D-Line and the traditional-yet-modern Classic Line.

Paul Riachi the CEO of Indi Imports said “Our decision to distribute Spendor was taken back in 2019. Spendor, is a true English owned speaker company who manufacture all their own components. They have an excellent pedigree which is why we chose to take on the brand in Australia”.

“Their build and sound quality is the very best coming out of the UK. There is no other speaker brand who can claim that they design, build, manufacturer every speaker driver and crossover from the ground up including the cabinetry all in their own factory located in Sussex”.

“Indi Group has taken the decision to only sell brands who manufacturer their own products and have a true heritage and history in the audio industry and Spendor is one of these brands” said Riachi.

As far back as the late 60’s, Spendor has produced some of the worlds most iconic speakers and have been credited with setting the bench mark for recording studios across the globe said one observer.

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