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Leading German consumer electronics and appliance brand Blaupunkt has appointed a new distributor in Australia, that will be responsible for the roll out of a new range of appliances spanning ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers and rangehoods.

In an exclusive interview with ChannelNews Andrzej Cebrat the Managing Director of Blaupunkt which has its head office in Luxembourg said that Melbourne based Company Nikpol is set to take on the job of launching Blaupunkt appliances in Australia.

He was in Australia ahead of a visit to the Hong Kong show later this week.

He also confirmed that Sydney based distributor AYONZ will not be selling the Companies appliances but will continue to sell the Companies consumer electronic products spanning TV’s, sound systems, radio’s and accessories.

Blaupunkt new Melbourne based distributor Nikpol is an 100% Australian owned and run company supplying hardware, decorative surfaces and appliances to the renovation, RV and building industries.

Established in 1978 by Nick and Poly Nikolakakis, Nikpol has grown from a small two man operation to become a leading supplier for the new home, renovation and commercial joinery market across Australia with over 140 employees in 3 locations.

See range here.

Cebrat said that he is looking for increased sales of Blaupunkt consumer electronic products which at this stage consist of radio and sound products as well as TV’s.

He said that the introduction of a Blaupunkt kitchen appliance range in Australia will help in the marketing of the German brand name in Australia.

He said, “On the front of the appliances is the Blaupunkt brand name and when you open our refrigerators get a brand name at eye level”.

He said that the Company will shortly role out a premium range of new TV’s via AYONZ and the opportunity is there for retailers to sell a combination of products made by Blaupunkt. They include soundbars, TV Aerials, HDMI Cables and other accessories.

“In Europe retailers are able to sell the Blaupunkt range to consumers because they trust the Blaupunkt name and the margin is there for retailers. When a retailers is selling our products across several categories, we find that they often sell out of the Blaupunkt branded product Vs a house brand product or a more expensive branded product” he said.

Currently Blaupunkt products are being sold “ad hoc” to retailers with one retailer stocking TV’s while another is stocking clock radios.

There have also been problems with instore ranging which Cebrat said is being addressed with their distributor AYONZ.

Blaupunkt is a well-known brand in Australia, back in the 1970’s it was one of the top CRT TV brands and their video recorders got to #2 when everyone had to have a video recorder to watch content.

Founded in 1923 in Berlin the company was acquired by Robert Bosch AG in 1933. In 1938 it changed its name to “Blaupunkt”, German for “blue point” or “blue dot”, since then a blue dot has been a key part of their brand name.

The roll out of Bosch appliances in Australia could see them take on the Bosch and Siemens appliance brands in Australia.

In Europe Blaupunkt has a relationship with Häcker Küchen a Company that manufactures modern and custom built kitchens similar to what Nikpol delivers in Australia.

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