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EXCLUSIVE: We Reveal Amazons Secret Pricing For Australia

If what we have seen on the Amazon Prime website is anything to go by consumer electronics and appliance retailers are set to have a bleak christmas new year, with Amazon set to slash prices in some cases by over 60% on prices currently being offered by retailers such as Harvey Norman, JB HI Fi and department stores David Jones and Myer.

What’s not clear is whether these are still US prices or Australian pricing as Amazon clearly states Shipping To Australia. This was not available last week for most of the SKU’s we saw. One alternative is that Amazon is set to open up a big part of their US range of products up to Australian consumers.

A straight-out comparison of over 40 products set to be released on Amazon this week Vs the exact same products on the Harvey Norman web site reveals not one single item is remotely close to the selling price that the Gerry Harvey owned Company is offering.

A comparison check of branded appliances from Delonghi, Kitchen Maid, Smeg, Nespresso and Breville to speakers from Sonos and Sony to smartphones from Samsung, Sony and HTC reveal discounts of over 50%.
In some cases, consumers will save thousands buying a top end Nikon or Canon Digital SLR Camera and when it comes to appliances the savings are massive.

We also discovered that when it came to notebooks and PCs Amazon prices were not only significantly cheaper the specifications for individual notebooks were also superior with consumers getting up to 75% more storage or faster processors.

Even branded storage was significantly cheaper $64GB of Extreme SanDisk SD storage that is selling for $128 at Harvey Norman is $41 at Amazon.

All of the goods we researched are available to be delivered on November 27th.

When one compares the specs for the above notebook the Amazon offering is significantly superior to the same product at Harvey Norman. 


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