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EXCLUSIVE: Top UK Dashcam Brand To Launch In OZ By Aqipa Built In SOS

Nextbase, a brand-new award-winning dash cam brand that has been spectacularly successful in the UK and is ‘Focused on Western customer mentality” is about to be launched in Australia.

The Company has 79% market share in the UK and has already captured 36% of the European market after just 13 months, in the German automotive market the Company captured 24% share in just six months.

The new range will be distributed by Melbourne based Aquipa.

Key features of the new offering include cable free devices, apps with direct uploads from camera to smartphone, 4K resolution. Their Series 2 Dash Cams include several new features including an SOS capability which alerts emergency services if a car has run off the road and the driver is unresponsive. The cameras also deliver car park protection.

The new range that is being launched in Australia is 35% smaller than prior models, have IPS rated screens for increased picture resolution, clarity and viewing angles.

As part of the offering there is an exclusive new Click&Go PRO mount with neodymium magnets and an intelligent Parking Mode that scans the car while it is parked. The power cable installs directly into the mount itself allowing the Dash Cam to be completely wireless.

Parking mode ensures that your car is protected even when you are not with it. The Dash Cam knows when ignition is turn off and enters an idle mode, with a much more sensitive motion detection. If the vehicle is knocked when parked the Dash Cam wakes, records the incident and then re-enters idle mode. When the owner returns to the car, the Dash Cam indicates they have a new video for review.

The new devices are also Alexa enabled and can be auto synced with a smartphone.

To do this the Dash Cam record two files; a high-resolution full-length file, and pre-cropped low res 30s file.

This enables the low-resolution file to be sent to your phone quickly, whilst also meaning that its quick and efficient to forward over network from your phone using the MyNextbase App.

Pricing for the new range in Australia have not been set yet. In the UK the top end 522GW is selling for around $280.

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