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EXCLUSIVE: Sonos Take A Leaf Out Of Apple’s Nobble A Device Text Book To Get A Sale

In what appears to be another version of Apple’s infamous iPhone X battery upgrade scandle, Sonos has taken to nobbling older versions of their CX 100 sound gear, with owners having no option to throw the old gear away after a failed software upgrade.

A Port Stephens Sonos owner is one of two people who have contacted SmartHouse claiming that he got a push email from Sonos offering him the opportunity to upgrade their family system to be voice compliant with Amazon Alexa all he has been left with is a dead Sonos controller.

The problem is that the software upgrade completely “nobbled” his system leaving him with nothing but an error message that said “Your software no longer supports this CR100. Learn more at Sonos.com. /CR100.

“I got no warning that the software upgrade was not compliant with the gear I owned and that my CR100 screen would be made obsolete by the upgrade” the Port Stephens resident said.

When he contacted Sonos he was told that the upgrade could not be reversed or flushed out.

Another owner wrote “losing our two CR100s will be the most devastating thing to happen to our household”.

“My one year old can play his favourite music by just pushing the button over and over again. My 7 year old will now constantly pester me to use my phone whenever he wants to listen to Harry Potter”.

And in a page out of Apple’s battery nobbling text book Sonos is blaming the batteries of the CR100 controllers which were the original controllers used to manage a Sonos system. They are now recommending people who bought the CR100 systems that owners claim was working “perfectly normal” to go out and buy a new piece of Sonos kit.

A statement from Sonos to one person affected said “Due the age of the battery in the controller, it has the potential to overheat when left charging for extended periods of time” …

“You’ll need to transition to a new controller. We have resources available to help you get set-up on an alternate controller and are offering a coupon code to sonos.com to help make the transition easier.
The coupons are limited to one per household claim Sonos.

Another UK Sonos customer wrote “Losing the CR100 will be a pain, we have kids and they each have a CR100 in their rooms. We have done this because we don’t let them have unsupervised use of their smart devices”.

“Frankly a £100 voucher off a Sonos purchase doesn’t really help as I already have one Play 1s, 5 Connect amps, one ZP80 and one Play 5. There’s nowhere else to put music unless I build another room onto my house! What I want is a controller – well 4 to replace my CR100’s but I can’t buy any with a £100 voucher cos they don’t sell any (not that £100 would be enough to do so)”.

Australian owners it appears have not been offered a replacement voucher.

In other moves Sonos has taken to emailing tens of thousands of Australian owners of Sonos gear that was purchased via a retailer to buy direct in a direct snub to the retailers who helped them establish the brand in Australia.