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EXCLUSIVE: Data ON LG TV Owners Being Provided To Politician Spin Doctors & Lobbyists

Owners of LG TVs in Australia are set to become the source of information for politicians, with LG Electronics and their subsidiary LG AD Solutions providing information about consumers viewing habits and private home life  in return for advertising dollars.

LG’s global  target audience are marketers of political election campaigns hoping to recruit TV owners to vote for their candidates, an investigation by ChannelNews has revealed.

Today is a big day on the political calendar in Australia and as Labor politicians splash budget cash, in an effort to woo voters and to help them, LG has reengineering their WebOS to capture as much information as possible on owners of LG TVs and appliances and their voting potential.

LG Electronics in Australia are struggling to make money selling TV’s and appliance, with global management  transforming the Company in an effort to make money from advertising and the sale of consumer data.

LG Documents obtained by ChannelNews branded ‘For Political Marketers’ claim that “While many political marketers may be more accustomed to buying traditional television, those not having a direct-to-glass strategy (in other words An LG TV) in 2024 would be a missed opportunity to connect with the majority of Likely Voters”.

LG claim that they can access 165 million TV’s running the LG developed WebOS software.

In a nutshell LG believes that their future is all about selling a TV and appliance and then selling to politicians the data they capture from their customers and their devices claim observers.

In fact, they go out of their way to spin the message that free to air TV is dead and the future for election marketers whether State or Federal is streamed data collected from their devices and the research of their customers as to how they intend to vote.

The South Korean Company via their LG Ad Solutions business appear to be setting themselves up as the next Newspoll.

They claim in a pitch for the likes of the Labor Party or the Coalition and their spin doctors or lobbyists, that not only are CTV viewers open to having their mind changed when provided with new information, they also believe political ads aired on an LG TV can drive action by the owners of one of their TV’s whether it be a monitor LG TV or a third party TV running LG’s WebOS.

In a blow to free to air TV networks they claim two thirds of their TV owners prefer streaming over free to air Linear TV that is delivered via an aerial which networks such as Nine Ten and Seven as well as the left-wing ABC and SBS are pushing on advertisers.

LG are looking to generate billions in revenue selling data, advertising and information gleaned from consumers who have purchased one of their TV’s claims that political ads on their advertising network results in owners of LG TV’s discussing issues with friends and family after seeing the advertising that is bundled into a reengineered WebOS interface.

By investing in advertising on an LG TV political spin doctors can use the strength of LG data to determine audience size and conduct advance targeting of their customers.

They even tell political marketers how to tailor their advertising to get a better result.

They claim that the key takeaways for political advertisers are:

Ensure your political advertising strategy involves streaming or risk missing out on 65% of Likely Voters who prefer streaming.

They Claim that connected LG TV owners who the South Korean Company have researched to get this information, are open to having their minds changed and think that political ads serve as a valuable source of information.

Use the strengths and tactics of a connected LG TV strategy with ACR data to better.

target voters, manage campaigns and evaluate performance.

They urge political marketers to consider the actions political spots can drive, using dynamic ad creative like Enhanced Ads

LG also claim that they can connect their viewers to a candidate’s website to volunteer, join a list, or donate to a political party.

For those who don’t realise the Web OS built into an LG has been reengineered recently to collect as much data as possible on a consumer using ACR technology.

ACR stands for Automatic Content Recognition which is a technology used to identify content played on a media device or presented within a media file. It can track viewing behaviour and whether you have responded to something.

Devices with ACR can allow for the collection of content consumption information automatically at the screen level itself, without any user-based input or search efforts.
Recently an organisation called Teads, cut an exclusive Global Partnership With LG Ad Solutions Australia & New Zealand.

They claim that they are the sole premium partner who will supply information gleaned from LG TVs in Australia. They claim that they deliver the largest screen footprint in consumers’ homes which is not quite true in Australia as Samsung who also sell advertising has a larger TV footprint in Australia.

“Our expanded partnership with LG Ad Solutions enables brands and agency partners to extend exceptional creative across all screens and further their storytelling with vast audiences. In just less than a year, we’ve already seen tremendous success” Teads management claim.

LG management claim that “We are excited to partner with Teads to introduce groundbreaking advertising solutions in the Australian market. Our collaboration enriches the LG Smart TV experience with unparalleled technology and exclusive content. This strategic move allows advertisers to forge deeper connections and stand out with audiences on the biggest screen in the home,” said Serge Matta of LG Ad Solutions, president of Global Ad Sales”.


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