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EXCLUSIVE: Mintt, The Claimed OZ Smartphone Brand Ain’t No More

Mintt was the smartphone brand who splashed the cash, claiming that they were Australia’s best value mobile brand when they launched back in 2019.

They even threw cash at sponsoring Channel Nine’s The Block and a few odd journalists along the way claiming they were an “Aussie” smartphone Company.

Today visitors to their online site, are met with claims, that they have no smartphones to sell or mobile accessories.

An address at 166 Rouse St, Port Melbourne, Vic 3207 is given on the front page of their web site despite the business appearing to have ceased trading despite Channel Nine, The Today Show along with the Sydney Morning Herald gushing about their product when they launched.

It appears retailers and consumers appear to have made up their own mind about the Mintt mobile products that were ranged in price from $179 to $399.

Consumers appear to have chosen cheap Motorola and Samsung products over the mint offering which failed to be ranged by mainstream mobile retailers or carriers.

As for the device the only thing Australian about the products was that they were sold by an Australian Company with the product sourced from overseas.

Existing customers are being asked to contact the Companies Customer Service Team.

A message on the site claims that for Mintt product support please use one of the following contact methods:

Visit our FAQ and Help Centre

Leave a message by clicking on the Help widget at the bottom right of the web page

Send a “Contact Us” Message using our contact form page.

A visit to the contact page lists Mintt Australia Pty Ltd ABN 50 618 715 272 as being registered at PO Box 3138, Burleigh Town LPO, Burleigh Heads, 4220

The sole director of the Company appears to be Hooi Ling Gui a Malaysian national. The Company was registered in 2017.

After their initial Australian launch Mintt announced a new concierge service that delivered and set up a new mobile phone.

For a $69 so called ‘heroes’ fee the Company said that they would deliver one off their cheapie phone of choice to a customer in 2 days, then setup, transfer photos, contacts, install apps and more, before running the customer through the features of the new handset.

At the time many in the industry said that this service for a cheap mobile was “not sustainable”.

When they launched Ray Shaw who was then working at Gadget Guy gushed “Now it would have been easy to call Mintt another online, cheap phone flogger, but as we did due diligence we were increasingly impressed with the sincerity of the Australian partners and the lengths they went to satisfy some tough questions”.

ChannelNews has been unable to contact executives at the Company.

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