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Man Charged After Selling Thousands Of Fraudulent SIM Cards To Crime Family

A 30-year old phone store manager has been charged and refused bail, after police claimed he had supplied and sold counterfeit SIM cards to the Alameddine crime clan.

The manager of Mobiletown Granville, Nou Silena Loeung was charged with 27 counts of dishonestly obtain financial advantage by deception, knowingly or recklessly direct criminal group assist crime, and knowingly derive material benefit from criminal group.

Loeung was intercepted during a shift and arrested on the basis that his SIM cards were being used by the Alameddine crime clan’s dial-a-dealer drug network known as ‘Ready 4 War’.

The clan are thought to be in control of a major drug distribution chain, from street-level supply all the way to importation.

Police seized several pre-activated SIM cards, fake ID documents, electronic devices and more during the arrest.

Loeung attended Parramatta Local Court on Friday, where his defence lawyer, Caitlin Drabble, claimed that her client had no links to the Alameddine crime syndicate.

“He has no knowledge of the criminal group, he is not a part of the (Alameddine) family, and there is no evidence of contact with group.”

The prosecution maintains that Loeung was linked to the Alameddines, claiming that he provided thousands of counterfeit SIM cards to criminals, including those in the family.

Police allege that Loeung made $477,000 from the sales and was caught out by an undercover operative who purchased a SIM.

The prosecution argued against rewarding bail, with the concern that “he is an associate of the Alameddine crime family and a member of that family has been able to flee the jurisdiction.”

Magistrate Peter Feather denied bail, despite a $100,00 surety and Loeung agreeing to leave Mobiletown.

“Given the serious nature and reasonable case against him, I am of the view he is an unacceptable flight risk,” he said.

“If I were sentencing today he would likely receive a lengthy period of full time jail, considering the total amount allegedly derived from this (operation).”

Police dismantled Alameddine ‘dial-a-deal’ crime operations earlier this week, with 18 arrests and 29 search warrants that resulted in the seizing of drugs, cash and jewellery.

“I’m confident we have cut the head off the snake,” said NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb.

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