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EXCLUSIVE: M&G Hoskins Lose Monitor & Roksan Audio Brands To Interdyn

Melbourne based distributor Interdyn has snatched the rights to Monitor Audio speakers and UK Hi Fi brand Roksan, from Sydney based distributor M&G Hoskins, they have also picked up the rights to the Artnovion acoustic panels from Cogworks.

According to Paul Clarke who recently joined Interdyn from Audio Active the three new brands offer retailers a wider choice of Interdyn products.

One retailer said, “This will be a major blow to M&G Hoskins as Monitor was a key brand for them”.

ChannelNews understands that one of the reasons for the switch in distributors was a lack of marketing in Australia by M&G Hoskins for the brands, in particular online and social media marketing which Interdyn has a reputation for having generated significant exposure for brands such a Pro-ject and Devialet speakers.

Recently Convoy released a new range of acoustic speakers now Interdyn is set to market an expansive portfolio of acoustic panels and treatments for and including residential Hi-Fi and AV rooms, commercial spaces, recording studios and professional audio spaces.

Clarke said that the addition of new brands “provide a welcome addition to Interdyn’s existing stable of leading brands including SVS, Pro-Ject, Rotel, Devialet, IsoTek, PMC, and Ortofon”.


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