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EXCLUSIVE: Loewe To Launch New Stellar Premium TV Range That’s Half The Price Of A B&O TV & Has A Concrete Back

Australia is set to get a new premium TV offering with the release of the European Loewe Stellar TV range that has superior OLED display and is half the price of a similar Bang & Olufsen TV.

After launching their Kylian Mbappé themed wireless speakers, the German Company is looking to take premium TVs to a new level with their new TVs set to incorporate OLED panels engineered in the Companies new European manufacturing plant in Kronach, Germany.

In the past the Company has been using LG Display OLED panels, with the German Company who invented the world’s first TV, now using their own OLED panels own that have been described as “incredible”.

The Company chose to design, develop, and build their own TVs from the ground up, though they are using the Samsung developed Tizen operating system for their Loewe os9 Smart TV offering.

The Australian launch is tipped to take place mid-year with several specialist home theatre dealers along with The Good Guys set to range the new models.

The range will consist of 42, 55, 48, 65, 77, 83, and 97-inch models, at this stage it’s not known which models will be available in Australia.

When it comes to design the Stellar TVs are radically different from what has ever been launched in Australia before, with the Companies European designers deliver a panel that is housed in lightweight concrete.
The backs off these new TV’s are exceptionally slim with designers using a backing sheet made of real concrete.

The ultra-thin (2mm) concrete skins deliver a stylish industrial, ultra-modern feel.

And in another first the concrete is applied to the open cell OLED panels, creating subtle patterns to the finish, effectively making each TV unique.

There is also an ultra-slim wall mount that allows for better cable management to minimise distractions from both the picture and the TV’s unique design.

And for those who still like recording shows the Stellar TV’s will have 1TB of integrated SSD storage built in along with triple tuners, and an integrated speaker ‘bar’ running along the full width of the screen’s bottom edge.
The TV’s will also have a unique lighting system built in that delivers ambient light behind the TV which scientists claim is “better for the eyes and deliver an improved viewing experience”.

Another big difference from other premium TV’s is that the new Stellar models can also be fitted with an optional motorised floor stand that’s operated view remote control allowing users to move from one viewing location to another such as from a dining table to a couch without having to handle the TV.

Built into the panel is MLA META brightness technology for HDR content while audio is via a 200-watt built in sound system that’s been described as “rich and precise”.

Gamers using the TV because of its sharp display and brightness will have the option of four HDMI 2.1 inputs as well as VRR support and a display that delivers a 144Hz refresh rate.

Australian pricing for the new TV’s has not been announced however we have been able to get our hands on the European pricing and release dates.

In comparison the Bang & Olufsen Beovision Theatre 77″ OLED Television is being sold in Australia for $37,499.

The new Loewe Stellar 77″ model with the latest in OLED TV technology and the superior Samsung Tizen OS is set to retail for half the Bang & Olufsen price at around $17,999 so it could be worth the wait.

Prices for the models are as follows:

Loewe Stellar 42-inch SL8: £3299 / €3299
Loewe Stellar 48-inch SL8: £3799 / €3799 (July 2024)
Loewe Stellar 55-inch SL8: £4299 / €4299
Loewe Stellar 65-inch SL8: £5299 / €5299 (July 2024)
Australian price for 65” is set to be around $9,500
Loewe Stellar 77-inch SL8: £9499 / €9999 (October 2024)

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