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EXCLUSIVE: Loewe Slash TV Prices 25% New OLED Models On Sale Late October

Indi Imports who were recently appointed to distribute Loewe TV’s in Australia has slashed the price of the European designed TV’s with the Company set to introduce several new models that have not been sold in Australia before.

The new range will be available from the middle of October 2017.

The 32″ Loewe Bild TV has been slashed from $1,999 to $1,299, the 40″ model drops from $2,999 to $1,899, the 55 models have been slashed by $1,000 from $3,999 to $2,999 and the 65″ Loewe Bild TV is selling for $3,999 down from $4,999.

The German Company is also releasing a new range of OLED TV’s that will be priced between $4,999 to $11,999 for a top end 70″ model.

The Bild 7 is Loewe’s new flagship OLED TV. The OLED panel itself is made by LG and Loewe has added its own picture processing technology along with a smart, minimal design.

Loewe has called the combination of the OLED panel and its own picture processing technology, ‘VantaVision’, taking inspiration from VantaBlack, the darkest man-made substance ever created.

The Bild 7 (‘bild’ is ‘picture’ in German) is available in 55in and 65in screen variants, with both supporting 4K Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) video. Loewe says the Bild 7 also ticks all the necessary boxes to be Ultra HD Premium compliant, while Dolby Vision support is promised for shortly after launch.

The Bild 7 also comes with a bit of a party trick in the form of an incorporated soundbar that extends out of the bottom of the screen when it’s turned on. Turn the TV off and the soundbar disappears out of sight.

The soundbar features six active drive units with 120 watts of amplification. Loewe bullishly claims it delivers twice the power of the incorporated soundbar in the LG G6 OLED TV.

The bass reflex design found on previous Loewe TV speakers has been ditched in favour of four ‘racetrack’-style auxiliary bass radiators. These claim to “dramatically enhance” low-frequency performance, resulting in a sound that’s “rich, detailed and capable of room-filling volume”.


John Archer one of Europes most acclaimed TV reviewers whose reviews appear in SmartHouse said recently ‘It’s just not in Loewe’s DNA to do TV design like everyone else. Actually, it’s not in its business model either; you couldn’t really establish yourself as a premium brand with the prices to match if you weren’t offering something beyond the norm. Even by Loewe’s usually beautiful and opulently built standards, the Bild 7.65 is a bit special’
‘For starters, there’s a lovely metallic crispness to everything, from the distinctive circular Loewe ‘eye’ LED and IR receiver below the screen, right through to the impressively robust rear panel.

It’s seriously well built. Even though the majority of the screen is insanely thin in that way only OLED technology can manage, I never felt scared of snapping it – which is the worry I’ve had with a number of other super-thin OLED TVs that have come my way’.

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