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EXCLUSIVE: Indi Snares Top French Hi Brand That Is Set To Appeal To Millennials

Melbourne based Indi Imports has snared another top European sound brand with their appointment to sell products manufactured by French manufacturer Elipson.

The brand which was previously distributed by Melbourne based Audio Dynamics, has been described as one of the most stylish sound brands in the European market today.

Founded in 1938 and with more than 50 years in the speaker industry, Elipson has a reputation for delivering sound gear that one leading UK Hi Fi magazine described as “seriously out there”.

In 2013 the Company delivered the $20,000 Elipson tear drop Sound Tree system which drove up to 12 separate speakers hanging from the ceiling. The system was also hooked up to CD player and DAB radio.


The 150W Sound Tree consisted of a 1m-tall, 25kg cylindrical base unit that stylishly sat in a living room



Each of the speakers contained a four-inch ‘driver’ and 3/4in ‘tweeter’, for mid-range and treble sound.

At 2.5kg the system was most appropriate when users played Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”.

In Australia Indi Imports who are now one of Australia’s fastest growing sound importers who unlike Advanced Audio don’t have a policy of price gouging due to the fact that when they negotiate with suppliers they aim to get “parity pricing” which has allowed to deliver volume in Australia for brands such as the German Canton brand which they won last year.

Among the Elipson products set to be released by Indi is the Studio Pro bookshelf speaker and the 4260-high-end floor standing speakers.

The Planet L speaker, deliver vintage design from the BS30 circa 1960 and is a design that Indi claims pleases the eyes as much as one’s ears.

To mark their 60th birthday, Elipson is honouring the landmark models that have shaped its history.

The first speaker to gain fame was the famous bs 50, an acronym for its full name, Staff Ball, 50 cm diameter speaker.

Designed in 1953, the bs 50 was created for the first, sound and light show at the Château de Chambord in Paris.

Its ear allowed for precise sound diffusion. Elipson is reproducing this legendary model in today’s material while preserving

the acoustic sound qualities were so unique to a product that defied all the norms.

Also, set to be released is the new Elipson turntable range.

The Omega is the result of Elipson, which mostly makes speakers, eyeing up vinyl sales, stepping over to the drawing table and saying ‘Alors…’ Possibly while rubbing its hands together said UK magazine What Hi Fi.

They wrote “if we know one thing about Elipson, from its speakers, we knew that it knows materials, and so we’re not surprised that its first turntable, in red, white or black, is a delightful melding of shiny acrylic, carbon fibre and aluminium”.

Designed, developed and manufactured in France, the new Alpha and Omega series of turntables all feature automatic speed control (33.3 and 45rpm), bespoke tonearms and motors.

The most expensive is built from a combination of PMMA, pressed steel and acrylic lacquer, and it’s fitted with an Ortofon OM10 cartridge. The ‘RIAA’ refers to the phono pre-amplifier that’s fitted, while BT indicates Bluetooth and its universal wireless streaming capability.

Shortly Indi will release the he Omega 100 RIAA BT, which admittedly sounds like something a dentist would witter to his assistant as he rummages around in your mouth, it adds a phono stage, USB output and Bluetooth to a trusty record player without dispensing with the company’s traditional aesthetic chic said What Hi Fi.

Pricing the new range in Australia has not been announced.

The new Elipson range is set to appeal to millennials, looking for a stylish Hi Fi system, that make a design statement while delivering high quality sound.

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