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EXCLUSIVE: Huawei Tipped To Enter TV Market Along With Oppo

Smartphone makers LG and Samsung are known for selling top end TV’s, now Chinese smartphone maker Huawei and Oppo are set to enter the TV market, Huawei with a radical new TV powered by their recently launched Kirin processor.

According to Chinese sources Huawei is already testing a new range of smart TV’s which could be offered to the Australian market next year via a distributor.

It’s tipped that a model will be shown as early as CES which is in January 2019.

According to ChannelNews sources the Company is currently testing the TV’s to stream content over a 5G network from a handset to the TV.

Huawei believe that both the smartphone and the TV will become key devices in the home to control information flow from attached IOT devices.

The TV’s will initially be launched under the ‘Honor’ brand. This is a Huawei owned Company that already has their own TV content box.

Both Oppo and Huawei have already held discussions with Dolby Labs in the USA about their TV ambitions.

Huawei recently announced the 7.2-inch Mate 20 X which is one of the most advanced smartphones in the world today.

In addition, OPPO has recently registered more than 20 patents with Dolby Laboratories, and actively carried development work with the US audio and vision organisation.

The new Huawei 4K and 8K TV’s will be aimed at the mid to premium markets.

We also understand that the Huawei TV’s will be powered by a new customised Kirin processor that can run all Android applications.

Zhao Ming, the head of Honor, is reported to have said that if the Company is be involved in TV’s, they must make products different from other brands while also delivering new TV capabilities.

The Oppo TV’s are believed to be bottom end TV’s aimed at the discount market.

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