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Several PC brands have claimed that Microsoft has pressured retailers to not stock Google Chrome devices in Australia, the retailers claim that there is not enough margin in the devices to justify ranging the low-cost devices.

A search for Google Chrome notebooks at retailers such as JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman defaults back to Microsoft Windows OS devices, this is despite Google Chrome devices making up a major share of the schools market in both Australia and the USA.

A visit to the Amazon Australia website reveals several Chrome notebook models from Chrome market leader Acer, as well as Lenovo and HP. Prices range from $254 for an Acer model to $1,065 for a Lenovo model with Intel i3 processor.

A senior PC industry executive who is currently expanding their direct sell operation in Australia told ChannelNews that “There is no doubt that the amount of money that Microsoft is throwing at retailers is having an influence on whether they stock Chrome OS devices” they said.

The PC brand already has a major online operation and is set to expand their direct sell operation in Australia to mirror their overseas success online.

The executive told ChannelNerws “One has to question whether this is a smart decision to not stock Chrome OS devices as Google and their Google Assistant technology is appearing in a lot of devices from smartphones and sound systems, so one would think that it would be logical to try and sell a Chrome based OS device as Microsoft’s voice offering is not even in the race or popular with consumers” they added.

Recently the battle between Google and Microsoft over application tools, has intensified with Microsoft who has become the most valuable tech Company following the demise of Apple moving to introducing a brand-new look for their Office 365 apps which work on both Windows and Chrome devices.

Microsoft’s new Office 365 now include bars of icons in complementary colours.

This is the first major image makeover for Office apps since 2007. It also brings the company bang up to date with modern design standards for mobile consumers.

A lot has changed, the Outlook app which is the most used of the Office 365 apps is now more about image than words. The icon for Microsoft Teams, for includes two people sporting the Teams app’s classic colours.

However, look closely at both Outlook and Excel’s fairly abstract-looking new icons and you’ll find a letter and envelope, and a spreadsheet.

Microsoft claims this is a continuation of the Fluent Design aesthetic that Microsoft started integrating into Windows 10 last year with the Fall Creators Update.

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