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EXCLUSIVE: Brand New 4G Android Flip Phone For Sub $100 & It’s Real Neat

A brand new 4G Android flip phone is set to be launched in Australia and retailers are lapping it up despite it not coming from a mainstream brand.

Apera is one of those mobile phone brands that fly under the radar selling unique smartphones that are cheap and aimed at three core markets, easy, rugged + smart according to Company executives.

Unlike the Mintt brand that Channel Nines A Current Affair was gushing on about recently Apera does have retail distribution with retailers such as Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, Australia Post and Big W ranging their products.

Their latest model a neat looking 4G Flip device brings back memories of the old Motorola Razr flip phone that became Australia’s #1 mobile phone.
The new Aspera F40 Titanium 4G is set to retail for just $99, it also has it’s own charging dock.

The device has a 2.8” display + external notifications for charging, calls and messages.

In the hand it feels extremely comfortable and the keys are big and easy to punch out a number one handed.

It also has short cut keys for easy usage and 6 speed dials. If you want to access your contacts, you use the keypad located in the middle of the device.

Connectivity is both 4G/3G and the device also has access to both the Internet and Bluetooth, you can also Wi-fi hotspot. The battery 1600mAh and because it uses less power than a lot of the larger app rich smartphones it delivers hours of battery life.

It also has an SD card max 32GB a torch built in and an SOS button on the rear.

Also set to be launched by Apera who have operated in Australia for several years and all their devices are ACMA certified is the Jazz 2, a 4G device that has a 5” display Android 9.0 and 64GB of SD storage capability.

Retailing for $99 the device is dual sim and a display that delivers 18.9 ratio display.

According to Aspera CEO Alan Robertson a former Optus executive the brand is proving highly popular with “older people, retirees and trades people”.

We have built our brand around value and good ACMA approved features and the retailers have had a lot of success selling our devices”.

He said “The new Flip device has already proved popular with retailers with record forward orders for the device” he said.

The Companies rugged smartphone devices are designed for mobile users who need a high level of protection for their device due to their workplace or active life. All Aspera rugged devices have a minimum Ingress Protection (IP) 67 rating against the effects of non-corrosive liquids and dust particles.

Common design features of the range include body joins that are re-enforced with screws, protective seals over charging port, speaker, mic and earphone jack, toughened scratch resistant glass and rugged outer body for shock absorption.

Their rugged phone releases include our 4G smartphone models R8 and R7, and the 3G models R30 and R32 which are for those not requiring a smart device.
These devices sell for sub $150.

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