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EXCLUSIVE: Audio Pro Sold New Owners Set To Target Sonos

Swedish Hi Fi brand Audio Pro has been sold with the new owners set to take on Sonos with a range of networked sound products that have been described as “cutting edge”.

The new owners are former employees Jens Henriksen and Nils Ankarcrona who have taken over the brand from Audio Pro founder Stefan Pantzar.

The two joined the Company in 2016 from Zound Industries, where they were Global Sales Manager and Chief Financial Officer respectively.

When Audio Pro developed their first wireless solution ten years ago which was around the same time as Sonos, the goal was to lose the Hi Fi cables without losing the hi-fi sound quality the Company said.

They successfully achieved this through a system consisting of the T10 active speakers which came with built-in receivers and transmitters, all connected to the computer via USB.

But it was five years later, with the launch of their first Bluetooth speaker – the award-winning Addon T10 – that sales really took off. In Australia these products are distributed by Aqipa with several retailers now moving to range the brand as an alternative to Sonos who is moving to sell direct in direct competition with retailers.

Audio Pro´s former owner, Stefan Pantzar, says that when the company started developing wireless they lost almost all their export sales, but remained strong in the Nordic countries.

Audio Pro realized at an early stage that wireless was the future, but the market was not really ready for it at that time and the Company did not have the funds to deliver the same level of marketing as Sonos despite their offering being labelled by reviewers as being “superior” to the Sonos offering when it came to sound output.

During the past five years Audio Pro has delivered a tenfold increase in turnover and unlike Sonos are and have been profitable for several years.

Audio Pro is now available in more than 45 countries, including their US subsidiary, Audio Pro US Inc. At IFA 2018 the Company will show several new products.

In Australia Aquipa is currently introducing the Addon C3 portable multi-room speaker and the larger Drumfire – the most powerful multi-room speaker on the market.

These will be shortly followed by Addon C5A, an easy to place multi-room speaker which European reviewers said deliver “amazing sound that can be voice-controlled via the integrated Amazon Alexa microphone”.

Audio Pro is also set to deliver a range of speakers that work via Google voice commands. Further product announcements are expected in Q4 2018.

Previously Audio Pro sold their products using the brand name Sonab. This range comprised mainly of wireless speaker systems.

Audio Pro has developed and produced speakers since 1978.The last few years the company has taken the step from subwoofers and analogue stereo speakers to multi-room and wireless speakers. Today Audio Pro is one of the bigger players in the North European market and have won multiple awards for their products worldwide. Audio Pro is now available in 45 markets globally.

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