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EXCLUSIVE: Aqipa To Launch White Label B2B Site, 10,000 SKU’s Available

Austrian distributor Aqipa Gear Guru who last year bought into the Australian market is set to launch a new online platform that allows Australian retailers to sell anyone of their local products by simply plugging in their new Hybris B2b trading platform.

Small specialist consumer electronics and audio retailers as well as large organisations such as JB HI FI or Harvey Norman will be able to build out a B2B store ranging and selling more than 10,000 Aqipa distributed products.

The white label system can either operate as a standalone site or be integrated into an existing web site with unique templates that mimic the exact look and feel of an existing web site.

Sohan Karunaratne a Director at Aqipa Australia and New Zealand said that the new platform will not only open up capabilities and products for retailers but provide them with an easy to operate online store where all fulfilment, returns and SKU marketing is all one by Aqipa.

Visitors to Aqipa delivered SKU’s will be able to see rich content with participating retailers able to set their own prices. Among the brands Aquipa gear Guru distribute globally are Bang & Olufsen, Case Logic, Pure, Audio Pro, Pioneer, Focal, Onkyo, AARKE, Focal, Jabra, JBL Harman, Marshall, Master Dynamics and Thule.

According to Karunaratne, Aqipa Australia is set to locate their own content manager in Europe so that the right content information relating to specifications and local regulation requirments are “properly loaded” into the system.

The project which has been in the making for 18 months is based on the SAP Hybris platform.

This is a sophisticated eCommerce platform that is capable of delivering integrated products for products for retailers.

“For retailers there is no risk just upside. They can range thousands of additional products, set the retail price and Aqipa will do all the work”.

Among the tools available is a product information management tool, a customer service tool, back office management tools, enterprise search tooling, marketing related functionality, and lots more.

A big benefit of trading this way is that the Aqipa Hybris system delivers real time intelligence of sales, customers via the advanced mobile cloud CRM solution which keeps retailers updated and informed wherever they are.

“It also delivers intelligence and insight into promotions and campaign results makes it easy to track ROI and understand what works. Start developing your perfect store strategy today and engage with your consumers like never before” said Aqipa Europe executives.