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EXCLUSIVE: Aldi To Sell ReFurbished iPhone 6

It appears Apple has cut a deal with discount grocery retailer, Aldi, to offload refurbished iPhones up to three years old. Aldi – who are known for their budget-friendly promotions – is set to sell the used iPhone 6 smartphones for A$449.

Labelled as an Aldi ‘Special Buy’, the refurbished devices will go on sale on Saturday the 14th of October.


At this stage, it’s not clear whether the stock is derived from returns traded in at Apple stores, or whether the refurbished iPhone 6 devices formerly held user problems.

The models on offer feature a 16GB memory, accompanied by a year’s warranty.

The unlocked devices are available in either black or white (i.e. ‘Space Grey’ or ‘Silver’).

As a matter of context, the original iPhone 6 retailed for A$869.

It’s not known whether Aldi’s re-furbished iPhones will support the new iOS upgrade, or whether the memory configuration of the used iPhone 6 models is suitably able to support Apple’s new iOS, which has quickly amassed criticism for sapping battery life.

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